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Boost your website traffic and turn followers into brand ambassadors

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Get more exposure

Increase visibility, build brand awareness and improve your image with Social Media. Get more exposure and grow customer engagement. Wave creates relevant content to encourage conversion to your product or service. If you are looking for a Social Media manager to represent your company across social channels, #contact or tag me @onlinecontentspecialist

Social Media Manager Services

Launch, grow and maintain a strong online community


Creating strong, convincing content is an absolute must when it comes to  social FB reach.


Target a younger audience on this photo sharing app with straight forward, photo-centric design.


Show authority in your field on this B2B platform, known for connecting professionals.


Not the largest social network, used for microblogging, but with a highly engaged user base. 


This dissapearing messaging app is especially popular under teens and young adults.


This visual search engine can be used to extend your webshop.

Social Media advertising

Social media advertising boosts your exposure. Reach more people with a tactical approach.

Why hire a Social Media Manager

Social Media managers or community managers allow you to reach your audience in a quick and efficient way. They understand the social media demographics of each online platform. A Social Media manager knows where your audience is present and will find the right Social Media strategy. Subsequently, stays up to date of the latest trends and strategies. 

Hiring a freelance social media manager will save you money and time. She will measure and build your success across social networks: create an impact with interaction and positive customer experiences.  

Wave Content is genuine, hands-on and creative. With powerfull content, she will build an unique relationship with your audience. With dedication and a good sense of humor, she will let your brand stand out from the crowd. Subsequently, optimizing your communication in a professional way, in order for you to thrive. 


Wordstream, Hubspot, Loomly, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Canva.

Building good relationships with your customers is super important. Wave Content will leave a great impression in a professional and friendly way. With clear, positive and helpful communication, Wave Content Webcare will nourish your customer’s needs. 

Discover visual design strategy, images and illustrations that match your brand’s identity and support your message. 

Share great stories, show authority and captivate your readers: spark interest with the right tone of voice. I love to explore and understand the world, with writing your blog I can.

In Wave Content you found not only a copywriter, also a designer and marketeer. As online content specialist she is your one-stop-shop

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