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Connect with your audience

Start good conversations & get better conversions. Tune all your marketing channels to each other and to the customer. Be present, be relevant and make an impact with Wave Content, freelance digital marketing specialist. Create the right message, in the right place, at the right time.  Let’s go!

digital marketing services

Digital activation and performance marketing

Raise brand awareness and engage consumers with your brand. Create highly tailored, measurable campaigns. Yet pay advertisers and marketing companies only for performance: when they complete a specific action (sale, lead or click).

Let’s plan, monitor and optimize your digital marketing.

Be there. Be relevant.

Organic search

Building a well-structured website with relevant content, using SEO and Content Marketing, will lead to more page authority and links to your website. This leads to a higher ranking in search engine result pages (SERP). That is more visibility, visitors and sales.

Google Ads​

It takes time to earn authority and backlinks. A quick way to get more impressions and clicks is Search Engine Advertising. Google’s paid search or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system is scalable, measurable and flexible. Also remarketing in Google’s Display network makes advertising with Google particularly powerful.


But with its precise targeting it is also great for B2B. With Facebook advertising you dive deeper in your audience and discover potential customers through awareness and social reach.


Advertising on Instagram is ideal for increasing your web traffic sales and driving awareness. The highly-visual content gets users to engage with your product or service. 


Gain visibility, generate leads and boost traffic to your website through thought-leadership content. Use the experience and expertise of the people behind your brand.


Target Twitter users with hashtags and tailored audiences. With its high engagement rates, advertising on Twitter is a cheap way for leads generation. 


Use sponsored filters and lenses  to appeal to your customers. Let them have fun and promote your product. Score on visibility and awareness with ads on this B2C platform.


Use Pinterest as an extension of your webshop. Your paid content blends in with other pins. In this way, Pinterest ads simplify direct sales of your products or services.

Email marketing

Combine your Social Media strategy with email marketing to tell the story of your brand. Build a relationship and trust with awesome (automated and A/B tested) email campaigns. Wave Content ensures you get high ROI, with an attractive design and interesting, personalised (never pushy) messages. Perfect for small businesses.

Why hire a digital marketing specialist?

Digital marketing specialists have the analytical and social skills to quickly identify your customers and their needs. They can help you get your customer’s attention by using your social media channels in an effective way. Marketing is crucial to your business’s long-term success. It requires a wide variety of skills. Hiring a digital marketer will save time and energy to focus running your business.

Get more eyes on your homepage, blog or product landing pages. Promote a new website, brand, product or sale and boost your total unique visitors and pageviews with traffic goals. 

Higher awareness of your brand leads to more purchases, recognition and loyal customers. Visibility goals are great for increasing reach and impressions, which is ideal for brand awareness campaigns.

Get closer to customers through dialogue and participation. Measure engagement through social shares, comments, likes and retweets. It helps you to understand your audience and what content works best.

This goal is commonly reached with paid social ads. A multi-step campaign with gated content – online materials that require user’s details to access them – is ideal for lead generation. It gets users more invested in your brand. Additionally, it brings prospects into your sales funel which you can target on the next ad.

Online retailers have plenty of social advertising options to help sell products and services. Brands can run tests on paid ads to see product interest or to help run deals to get more sales. This is also ideal for brands releasing new product features.

Wave Content is genuine, hands-on and creative. Always eager to discover and explore new fields, to analyse and design. Committed and highly involved: she will create valuable content, monitor succes, analyse and report results. In doing so, she will bring your business forward. 


Google Ads, Analytics, Tag Manager, Search Console, Keysearch, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Rezdy.

In Wave Content you found not only a marketer, also a copywriter and designer. As online content specialist, she will help you getting the most out of your online strategy. Wave Content can help you plan, create, analyse, and optimize your web presence. 

Don’t hesitate to ask help with offline marketing projects. Wave Content is happy to support business, with experience in creating marketing materials, such as information folders, brochures, flyers, and ads.

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