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Hi there. I'm Evelien, a Content Specialist from Eindhoven.

Wave Content is an online bureau specialised in SEO, content marketing, web design & development. Your online strategy and content – from concept to creation – is here in the right hands.

Wave Content stands for creativity, flexibility and fun!  I produce powerful content that lifts your business to a higher level.

What is an Online Content Specialist?

An Online Content Specialist develops and distributes appealing content for campaigns, websites and other digital customer channels. She is an expert when it comes to reaching customers and prospects.

Online Content

Online content is any material available on the web. It is what we encounter as part of the user experience on websites: the information we receive.

Content is a fundamental part of business and consumer communications: it helps create and keep a customer.


People we are interested in discover, consume and act on brand information through content. It leads consumers to brand experiences, often as content being the experience itself.


Online Content Specialists master online communication. We plan, create, organize and share brand information online. Discover what Wave Content can do for you:

Wave Content supports companies in planning, creating and sharing engaging content. Always SEO-friendly and original. 

The content management system (CMS) WordPress powers 35% of all websites on the Internet. As WordPress specialist, Wave Content helps businesses reach out to their online audience.

Social Media is no rocket science. As part of generation Y, Wave Content masters the social media skills.

From strategy, planning and creation, to analysing and optimization: Wave Content helps you promote product and service.


connect with your audience


guide your visitors


and optimize interaction

Life is an adventure

After two years working and traveling in Australia, I decided to start my own online marketing bureau. Wave Content is there to bring businesses forward, in creating good content and strategies. 

Who is this Content Specialist?

My friends call me ‘Ave’. I devoured books growing up, and loved to doodle and draw. At school I excelled in writing book reports and papers. I am a real people person, open-minded and adventurous. Super easy-going, practical and precise. And always committed to get the best results.

You can call me a communication specialist, with a Master’s degree in Business Communication and Digital Media  University was great fun! I studied online communication trends and media technologies: how they rapidly change and impact the internal and external communication of companies and organizations. We analyzed new means of communication and turned our findings into advice for optimal use. The course focused on the important aspects of interpersonal and group communication: how teams communicate, make decisions and deal with conflicts. We studied ways to improve the image of an organization, make user-friendly websites and deal with conversations in the social media.. After six years working in the field of marketing and communication, my brain is loaded with knowledge and ideas. The internet continues to provide me with a steady stream of new insights and skills: I love it. 

Working for startups, family businesses and multinationals. From strategy development to content creation: you will find me working hard creating marketing and communication materials to be proud of. Check my former employers.

Working remote

I live in Tilburg, the Netherlands but often work remotely from foreign countries, coffee shops, public libraries, co-working spaces, or my van.

It keeps the creativity flowing and my work super fun. I am motivated and happy to help you lift your business to a higher level. 

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